Greg Glosson provided great information and presented it in an easy way to understand plus made it very interesting.

The instructor being honest and talking from experience.

This was an interactive class with open discussion and "case-study". I enjoyed the class. It was actually more interesting than I had anticipated.

Funny. Giving real examples that we could relate to.

Greg was great, very informative.

Not boring - Very entertaining. Kept topics entertaining.

Very knowledgeable, interacted well with attendees. Creative in his delivery of the information.

Great presentations, informed, his passion and knowledge for the subject.

Good content and well communicated. He was very clear and easy to understand. Liked it all! Greg broke everything down perfectly.

Captivating instructor, Very knowledgeable and funny!

The instructor was knowledgeable and well spoken! Greg was very interesting and fun.

Very practical, shared experiences & held your attention, Entertaining and informative.

The instructor was knowledgeable and willing to share.

Willing to take questions, Great enthusiasm by instructor.

Practical applications explained, clear and concise, Knowledgeable, easily understandable.

Instructor was very high energy and knowledgeable.

Very detailed and informative - used good examples Fun class. Entertaining Instructor. Good presentation of material.

Instructor was energetic and enthusiastic. 

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